All supplied personal and guest details are kept private. Information will only be used by Black Tie Wedding Invitations for the purpose of creating your stationery. Under no circumstances will this information be used otherwise, or given to any third party.


All Black Tie Wedding Invitations designs are exclusive and original and protected under Australian copyright law.

No design or photograph may be stored, copied or reproduced in whole or part without written consent from Black Tie Wedding Invitations.


Prices for our portfolio of designs are available on application. Any prices quoted are in Australian dollars (AUD) and are subject to change. Black Tie Wedding Invitations reserves the right to change pricing at its discretion without prior notice.

All quotations are valid for 30 days.


One third of the total order cost is required to confirm a booking. Full payment is required prior to dispatch.

Black Tie Wedding Invitations accepts several forms of payment including direct deposit, bank or personal cheque and PayPal. Payment is only considered made upon clearance of funds.

Overseas orders must be paid by international bank transfer or through a verified PayPal account. Payments may take up to 10 days to clear.


All parcels are delivered by the national postal service, Australia Post, by registered delivery, which includes parcel tracking and a signature upon receipt. Parcels are sent by express post upon request. International packages are shipped by international express post.

Postage cost is dependent on destination, package size and weight and the number of deliveries required. Where the client requires multiple deliveries, the client is expected to pay the associated postage and handling fees.

Clients should consider insuring their stationery delivery, as Black Tie Wedding Invitations is not liable for any loss or damage caused in transit by third parties.

International Orders

Postage & Handling terms apply to all orders.

Additionally, for international orders, the onus is on the client to determine and cover any fees or taxes payable on their stationery, upon entry into the destination country. Black Tie Wedding Invitations is not liable for nor has any responsibility to determine or disclose such fees.

Black Tie Wedding Invitations delivers to a select few international destinations and may accept or decline international orders at its discretion.

Personalised Stationery

Black Tie Wedding Invitations does not charge extra for personalisation of stationery.


Following confirmation of your order, you will be sent a selection of fonts, wording suggestions, a spread sheet pro forma for guest details and a template of the information required to create your artwork. Artwork is produced and returned for client approval, prior to personalising with guest names.

A $25.00 artwork fee applies to all orders and covers up to three versions of your invitation and additional items. Please ensure information is submitted as finalised as possible to avoid additional fees being charged where more than three versions are required.

Once the artwork is signed off, no further changes are permitted without charge.

Stationery in Different Languages

Provided you can supply your wording in an electronic format, stationery may be printed in different languages. A $50.00 fee applies for artwork required for each additional language.

Please note that Black Tie Wedding Invitations cannot provide etiquette or wording advice for stationery in languages other than English.


Once we receive your guest list, a PDF proof using the approved artwork, will be sent to you via email. You are expected to proof read this document to ensure there are no errors or alterations required prior to printing. Written confirmation via email is required to proceed with printing and assembly of your order.

Proofing errors that have been signed off by the client are to be reprinted at the client’s expense, regardless of how they were introduced. The onus is on the client to ensure all stationery is correct before printing is authorised.

Two iterations of each item proof are provided free of charge. A $25.00 fee is charged for each additional proof so please ensure your guest list is submitted as accurately as possible to avoid these charges.


Stationery item numbers can be updated after orders are confirmed, any time prior to printing. Any additional items required after printing approval has been granted, incur a $50.00 penalty fee.

Material Variations

Materials may sometimes vary from dye lot to dye lot for designer papers, ribbons, tassels, chiffon papers, hand made papers, feathers etc. As a result, colour or texture variations may occur between samples you may purchase or view and actual orders received. An order will however only use materials from the same single dye lot so will contain minimum variation within itself. However, with some hand made papers, variations occur naturally which we cannot control.

Additionally, feathers also vary in size, so although every attempt is made to ensure consistency throughout an order, we cannot guarantee feather size since they are natural and not man made.


All invitations, thank you cards, standard save-the-date cards and standard reply cards come with matching addressed envelopes. Envelopes may be supplied with a banker seal or straight seal in peel-n-stick or lick-n-stick varieties depending on size and colour variations.

Address details are printed onto clear labels and applied to envelopes. Return to sender address labels are not included as standard but may be requested.


By supplying photographic images to Black Tie Wedding Invitations, you certify that you are the parent or guardian of any child featuring in the photograph(s), or have obtained consent from the legal guardian to use the photograph(s) provided for your stationery.

Additionally, any photograph submitted which is copyright protected is provided for use in your stationery, with permission from the photographer.

Wording & Language

Black Tie Wedding Invitations will provide wording suggestions for all stationery items. The client may customise these words or provide their own in English or otherwise.

Black Tie Wedding Invitations will not tolerate derogatory, abusive or misuse of language and reserves the right to reject such orders.

However, Black Tie Wedding Invitations is not responsible for any offence which may be caused by the wording of your stationery.

Quantity & Minimum Orders

Orders must comprise a minimum of 25 invitations. Those that do not, may attract a surcharge.

It is advisable to include some blank invitations for hand written guest names (around 10% more) to cover forgotten guests and last minute guest changes.

Where possible, we will attempt to accommodate smaller orders, however, are under no obligation to do so.


All our stationery is hand crafted, so we request approximately 6 weeks to complete your order. We can turn work around faster than this and will often accept urgent jobs, however, this block of time ensures deadlines are definitely met.

Black Tie Wedding Invitations cannot ensure deadlines will be met when the submission of guest data or proofing is significantly delayed by the client.

Black Tie Wedding Invitations reserves the right to decline orders where we believe the client’s deadline cannot be achieved. Should we fail to provide stationery as stipulated, the client may be eligible for a full or part refund on outstanding items.

Rush orders (completion within 7 days of client sign off) may be accepted at the discretion of Black Tie Wedding Invitations, but will attract a 20% surcharge.


All goods become the property of the client once the client takes possession. Any dispute must be brought to our attention within 7 days of receipt of your order. No response will be provided after this time.

Stock Availability

Although every effort is made to ensure we have adequate stock of supplies, there may be instances where materials required for your order may be unavailable. In such cases, we will contact the client to discuss their options. Options may include a full refund/cancellation if a suitable replacement or alternative cannot be offered.

Chocolate Favours

All chocolate favours are carefully and protectively packaged to avoid cracking, melting and breakage in transit. They are shipped with a techni or gel ice pack (during warm periods) and packed in foiled/heat reflective bubble wrap.

As chocolates are perishable items, we take these precautions to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition, however, we do not accept any responsibility for melted or cracked chocolates. Once they leave our premises, we cannot control when you receive or pick them up nor how they are stored whilst in transit.

Chocolate orders must be sent by express post and are dispatched on a day that will allow their delivery that week so we can minimise the duration of storage at Australia Post where conditions are out of our control. We will allow registered post deliveries however, this is at the client’s risk.

We strongly recommend you nominate a work address or postal address where the chocolates will be received the day they arrive so they are not subjected to unnecessary delay in variable conditions awaiting pickup. Thus, please ensure you are ready to accept your chocolates on the expected date of delivery at the nominated address. We will notify you via email on the day of dispatch.

The Express Post network covers 80% of Australian addresses. If your parcel is destined for an area outside this network, the fastest possible transport link is used which is not covered by the Australia Post Next Day Delivery Guarantee. Thus, delivery of chocolates to country and regional areas outside the Express Post Network is at the client’s own risk.

Black Tie Wedding Invitations is not liable for any damage or delay caused by a third party during delivery.

Chocolates are sourced from a registered Lindt distributor on an ‘as-need’ basis, so no foodstuff is kept on our premises for long periods of time, to ensure freshness and quality upon receipt. We do not handle the chocolate directly, each is pre-wrapped in foil. Only the outer paper layer is removed and replaced with the personalised wrapper we create. Black Tie Wedding Invitations is not liable for any imperfection in the quality of food stuffs received.

Cancellations & Refunds

A minimum one third of the outstanding (undelivered) order total is required to confirm each booking. This is non-refundable. Upon confirmation, no changes can be made to the selected stationery design chosen, unless stated otherwise in the client invoice or agreed prior. Additional monies provided upon booking are refundable, but only prior to the commencement of the design and production process.

Due to the nature of the stationery process, we cannot refund payment once the design and printing process has commenced.

Copyright Design Credit

All items sold by Black Tie Wedding Invitations are exclusive in design, and as such, a small, unobtrusive copyright credit may be printed on stationery items at the discretion of Black Tie Wedding Invitations, unless requested otherwise. This will be kept to a minimum point size and positioned where it will not interfere with the overall look of the stationery.

Acceptance of Orders

Black Tie Wedding Invitations reserves the right to accept or reject orders at its discretion.

Office Closure

Our office may be closed at certain times during the year. Closures will be displayed on our blog and Facebook page. Existing clients will be notified as soon as these dates become available.

All enquiries will be attended to as a priority on our return.

Black Tie Wedding Invitations is under no obligation to announce public holiday closures.


Excess stationery may be used as samples after the function date. Only stationery which does not include private addresses or telephone numbers will be used for this purpose.

Black Tie Wedding Invitations maintains the right to use photographs of completed stationery in public media such as, but not limited to, printed publications, on the Black Tie Wedding Invitations website, associated blog, Facebook or Pinterest pages, at its discretion.

All efforts are made to ensure all information and prices are correct.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Payment of a deposit for your stationery is considered acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions.