Do you print guest names on invitations or are they to be hand written?

We understand that this is a matter of preference. Traditionally, wedding etiquette dictates that guest names be hand written. However, we also realise that in the modern day, people prefer the neatness of fully printed wedding stationery. Therefore, we offer both services at the same cost. We do however recommend that you consider a handful of blank (hand written names) invitations to accommodate late guest changes.

How do I place an order?

Please review the order process.

Do you provide the wording for the invitations?

Yes, we start with standard wording templates, and work with you to create wording that suits you and your wedding theme and style.

Can I see the invitation text before you produce the full set?

Yes, we provide you with an indelible version for your review and proofing before we commence printing. Only once you have approved the wording and appearance, do we commence production.

How do I supply you with my personalised information for inclusion on my wedding stationery?

We provide an electronic template in MS Word or MS Excel format which prompts you for the information that we require to produce your stationery. We do not correct any errors as it is very difficult to detect mistakes where name spelling is concerned, so no proofing is done on our part. Please ensure your file is correct.

We then take this file and create the text for your stationery. Prior to printing, we send this to you for proofing. The onus is on you to ensure the text files are correct. Any amendments due to spelling errors or typos will be corrected at the client’s expense.

Can you provide special request stationery?

Yes, provided you give us the specifications of what it is you require, we can include this in your stationery order. For example, if you would like a menu, you must provide the full menu text as you would like it to appear. We can then discuss the format of the menu (single page, booklet, etc). and we will provide you with an indelible proof for your review, and a quote. You can choose to proceed with the order of additional special stationery or not, without obligation. We will price the additional stationery consistently with the remaining stationery suite for the chosen design.

For more information, please review Custom Design

Do you supply matching bomboniere?

We can supply matching bomboniere boxes, tags and personalised chocolates, however, we do not supply bomboniere novelty items.

Can I mix and match designs?

Generally, yes. Some invitation designs lend themselves more to customisation than others. Please contact us directly with your query and we will inform you whether your requested changes are possible.

Can I see the invitations before I place an order?

We offer telephone and email consultations and sample wedding invitations for purchase. The cost of the sample is refundable upon placement of an order that meets minimum number requirements.

Can I order a sample invitation?

Invitation samples may be purchased for our online designs. The cost of the sample is fully refundable upon placement of an order. For more information, please review Ordering a Sample.

How long does it take to get my invitations?

All invitations are hand made, so you can typically expect approximately a 4 week delay before your full set of wedding stationery is available. Orders are often completed in less time, however, this is only possible where stock is readily available and the client provides their guest list details and completes proofing of their stationery promptly.

We expect you to provide us with a date required and we in turn will provide you with a turnaround time and expected completion in your quote. If we don’t believe we will be able to meet your expectations, we will not take your order. We make it a priority to meet all deadlines as we realise the importance of getting your invitations out on time. Rush orders may be subject to a small surcharge.

How do I pay for my stationery?

Within Australia, we accept payment by bank deposit, bank or personal cheque and PayPal.

The accepted methods of payment for overseas orders are international bank transfer or payment from a verified Paypal account.

Of course, payments are only considered made once they clear so you may need to account for a delay of up to 10 days for some transactions.

paypalchequedirect depositcash

How do I receive my stationery?

All stationery sent within Australia is delivered by registered mail, and by International Express Post for overseas clients, both using Australia Post. These services require a signature on receipt and are trackable in transit.

Note, we are not responsible for any damage or loss caused in transit by any third party, so please consider insuring the delivery of your stationery.

Why are there no prices on your website?

We do not provide flat prices for stationery items as we believe each order is unique and subject to customisation. We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with quotes for the designs of interest upon request.

Can you provide a price list or brochure of your catalog?

We do not distribute brochures, catalogs or price lists. All our designs are available for review on our website. Details about each design can be found within each category of stationery in the classic, modern, romantic and premium invitation menus.

We don’t publish price lists because we find this very limiting. Stationery can be changed in so many ways to suit your theme and budget so single prices per design are not really representative of the available options. Quotes are available upon request.

Do you offer a Do It Yourself option?

Our featured designs are protected by Australian Copyright law and exclusively created by Black Tie Wedding Invitations. You cannot purchase DIY invitation packs for our couture collection.

Do you service Australia wide?


Do you accept international orders?

International orders are possible, however we do have a limited number of locations to which we deliver. Please contact us for details.

Can your invitations be used for occasions other than weddings?

Yes, any of our stationery can be customised to suit your occasion as required.

For instance, we often create engagement or milestone anniversary or birthday stationery.

Do you have a shop front that I can visit?

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no shop front. All business is carried out on the web. We try and place accurate, precise images of our stationery on our website, to ensure you get exactly what you see.

Additionally, you may purchase a sample invitation prior to placing your order.

Can you design something specifically for me?

Of course we can, provided the design you seek is not copied from another stationery supplier. Although you may present stationery from another supplier for inspiration, we will not produce nor quote direct copies. Sufficient design variation must be introduced.

If you have something unique and specific in mind, we are happy to work with you, offer advice and create the stationery you desire.

Reasonable consultation time to produce your design is not charged.

For more information, please review Custom Design.

How can I ask for assistance or advice?

Please contact us via email or telephone with your questions.

Do you have a minimum number of invitations that must be ordered?

We expect each order to comprise of at least 25 invitations, regardless of occasion. If your requirement is outside this minimum, we are under no obligation to accept your order. If we do, a small surcharge may apply. Please submit a request and we will try to accommodate your stationery needs.