Favour boxes can be created in several different sizes and shapes to accommodate your choice of content and reception decor. Shapes are many and varied including:

  • cubes;
  • rectangular boxes;
  • pillow boxes;
  • clear boxes;
  • bags & flutes;
  • chests;
  • noodle boxes;
  • ingot boxes;
  • butterfly boxes;
  • lidded boxes.

Our favour boxes are mostly made in a rectangular size, as this is an excellent shape for setting placement. Additionally, with the box being relatively low, there is no need to overspend on filling it. Five foiled hearts, 3-4 Bacci or Lindt balls, or a handful of sugared almonds for instance, are all that is required to give it a generous fill.

So, if you choose to have favours or bomboniere at your wedding, contact us for options, ideas and quotations. We can design a favour box to suit your stationery theme, colours, reception and budget, or you may choose for our standard designs. For examples, see Personalised Favours.