Ingrid and BaptisteWhat a joy it is to bring you our first French wedding, that of Ingrid and Baptiste. In true French style, they were married in the magnificent grand cathedral of Saint-Bruno, Voiron.Saint-Bruno, VorionThe theme was red with sparkle and the invitation was of course, Red! Ingrid wore a white ruffle dress with delicate bolero and added a splash of red to her nails, choker, hat and of course her diamante embellished red rose and baby’s breath bouquet. Baptiste wore a traditional suit with white shirt and tie and red rose boutonniere.

Ingrid and BaptisteIngrid and BaptisteIngrid and BaptisteIngrid and BaptisteIngrid and BaptisteWe were thirlled to be part of their wedding, providing invitations, menus and table numbers in the Red design. Ingrid and Baptiste Wedding StationeryWe thank Ingrid and Baptiste for sharing their celebration of love and wish them every happiness in their future together.

All wedding day photographs (excluding church) from Utopikphoto Photography. Invitations from Black Tie Wedding Invitations.

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