We are proud to announce a new environmentally friendly range of designs utilising recycled materials, due for release over the coming months. Primarily made from natural and recycled materials, our rustic invitations offer both a contemporary charm and elegance with the advantage of being kind to our planet.

Introducing the first of several designs in our new rustic range, Delicate Bloom.

Rustic Invitation: Delicate Bloom

Made from recycled board, the invitation comprises a square sleeve with pull out insert for the wording, vintage bouquet designer feature paper and fabulous, wide lattice jute ribbon.

Available in three colour palettes blue with yellow (shown), blue with burgundy or blue with dusty pink. The design is flexible and the invitation can be made in a square or DL (rectangular) pocket style in any of the three colour selections offered. Alternatively, the floral bouquet print can be substituted for any of the recycled designer papers in the rustic invitation range.

See Delicate Bloom for more details and images.

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