Wedding Stationery Etiquette

In a country of such diversity, it is not unusual to receive requests for stationery to be printed in languages other than English. Add to that the global doors that open with a showroom on the web, and our product reaches a truly international audience.

Stationery in Foreign Languages

As such, we offer printing of your stationery in many different languages, including Italian, Arabic, French, Danish, Serbian and Greek to name but a few. We welcome the opportunity to create your stationery in English and/or foreign languages, as we believe the invitation should be a true reflection of you and embrace your individuality, heritage, culture and style.

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Black Tie Wedding Invitations Designs, Left to right, top to bottom:
Queen of Diamonds, Red, Shimmer, Bridal Lace

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Save the Date cards have become increasingly popular in recent times. Their primary objective is to announce the date and location of your wedding, to ensure guests keep that date free from other commitments on their calendars. They are especially useful for out-of-town guests who have to arrange travel and accommodation in order to attend.

Save the date cards are normally sent out six months before the wedding with the invitations following around 8 weeks prior to the big day. They are not a substitute for a wedding invitation. Everyone who receives a Save the Date card, should by etiquette receive a wedding invitation. When planning your invitations, you may of course increase the size of the guest list and are not limited by the number of save the date cards posted.

The style of save the date card may be designed to compliment the rest of your stationery to follow, or it can capture your imagination and personalities and be far less formal.
Save the DateWe create many save the date cards to match our invitation range or to custom specifications. For more information, please Contact Us.

Image Source: The Posh Event

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A completed guest book can be a priceless wedding day memento. In order to make it special and avoid it becoming a dust collector, there are several things you should do:
Wedding Guest BookMake sure everyone signs it. A guest book sitting in the corner of the reception on a pretty hall stand or occasional table, won’t necessarily be seen by all your guests and those that do see it, won’t always contribute. So, appoint someone you trust the task of ensuring all guests make an entry. They can simply ask guests to pen their message as they enter, or circulate the book during the course of the evening.

Make it personal. One hundred entries reading “Congratulations on your wedding” is neither interesting to read or look back upon. Suggest your guests include a message, marriage tips, special memory or even provide a sentimental memento such as a plane ticket, song score, photograph, letter etc. You may need to advise guests if you wish to collect such items with a note to accompany the invitation, or by word of mouth at the functions leading up to the wedding, so they come prepared.

Allow your guests the writing space to add their comments. Make sure your guest book has sufficient pages and space for people to write their messages. Some guests will be brief, but others may want to share a memory that requires a full page. Consider the size of your wedding and perhaps provide more than one book if numbers are high.Black Tie Wedding Guest BooksAlthough it seems like just another detail on an already busy day, the wedding guest book can provide years of priceless memories and become a special heirloom. So, give it some thought when planning your stationery.

We can custom design guest books to compliment your stationery or your reception decor. The above examples perfectly accompany our Jewel and Bride and Plume Wedding Invitations.

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Open guest book by candle light photograph by Junshien Photography | Closed ivory guest books by Black Tie Wedding Invitations.

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Anyone can register for a business name and open an online store. So how do you differentiate between the professionals and the rest?

If in doubt, there are some fundamental questions you should ask before placing an order with an online supplier to ensure what you see, is in fact what you’re going to get.Ivory Bloom Wedding Invitation

Are you a registered business?

All Australian businesses should have a valid ABN (Australian Business Number).  You can search the Australian Government Business Website for active business names. Most businesses will display their ABN on their website or company stationery.

Do you have industry accreditation?

There are a small number of legitimate industry authorities that award accreditation to industry suppliers who achieve a high standard of product and service in their domain. Wedding businesses will generally display their accreditation credentials on their website, in their store and often on their letterhead.

Check with the accreditation bodies to confirm those displaying badges are in fact registered with them. If so, their details should be visible on the accreditor’s website.
Black Tie Wedding Invitations is a registered and accredited member of the Australian Bridal Service.

Use the Power of the Internet

If in doubt, use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, to find published material on the supplier.

You can be sure if there is any negative information to be found, or scam to be uncovered, someone would have published it for your benefit.

What’s included?

Different businesses quote differently.  Check to see what is included in your quote before paying your deposit. More specifically ask the following.  Does your quote/invoice include:

  • GST and other surcharges;

  • Printing of guest names and personalisation of stationery;

  • Matching addressed envelopes;

  • Wide choice of fonts from which to select;

  • Grading of embellishments, particularly where diamantes are used.  (Don’t pay a premium for dull rhinestones!)

Dot your i’s and Cross your t’s

  • Read the Terms & Conditions of Sale.

    Generally, reputable suppliers make these easily accessible for customer review. Otherwise if the terms are not available, request a copy before you order.

  • Confirm the number of proofing iterations permitted with and without charge.  Some stationers charge extra if you need more than 2 proofs for instance.

  • Ask if there are any charges that have not been disclosed at this point of the transaction.

  • Confirm refund policies.

  • Confirm postage and insurance inclusions.

  • Ask about discounts or bonuses for large orders.

  • Read the testimonials and reviews posted on the supplier website and also on advertising and wedding forums.

  • Check the quality of the product before you commit to purchase. Order a sample before placing an order, that way, you can compare and measure the quality of the stationery promised with that received.

    Some stationery suppliers (including Black Tie Wedding Invitations), will refund the cost of the sample upon placement of an order.

Ensure what you see is what you get

In assessing the quality of your stationery, check the following:

  • Make sure the supplier is not using a cheap ink jet or laser printer, rather ensure that printing is done on an industry standard printer.

  • Industrial guillotines used by professional stationery suppliers, cut straight every time. Make sure your supplier is not using a regular paper trimmer or home based guillotine to assemble your order.

  • Check the adhesive quality. Simple craft and roll-on glues will leave air pockets between layers of cardstock and designer papers, causing them to lift over time.

    Make sure your order is assembled with a full contact adhesive to ensure a high quality finish that stands the test of time.

    Your invitation should act as a keepsake so should last the distance without dulling, fading, cracking or deteriorating over time.

Compare Apples with Apples

Finally, when obtaining quotes from different suppliers, double check the details above and make sure you compare apples with apples.

Keep in mind, that quotes vary for a reason, and the old sayings generally apply:

If it’s too good to be true…. well, it probably isn’t.

You get what you pay for.

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Although it is not essential to follow etiquette, it’s good to understand it in making the decision on whether it’s relevant for your wedding.

There are several rules of wedding etiquette associated with the sending of invitations. We have highlighted them below for your reference in the following articles.

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