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Everyone has a different take on things and keeping this in mind, we like to flexible design when creating your stationery.

All our range may be altered to suit your taste, theme and budget. Embellishments can be mixed and matched, colours can be altered to suit your theme.

Colour palette

Of course, changing colour is not always possible. For example, this is the case where the designer paper or fabric only comes in a limited range from the manufacturer, although alternatives are usually offered.

Where change is required but confusion exists on how it may be best implemented, we will provide you with design options and warnings where we believe the customisation will detract from the invitation or simply lose it’s impact.

At the end of the day, we want you to be totally happy with the stationery you receive but we to be proud of what has created for you.

Here are some examples of colour and style alterations created for our couples:

Custom Jewel designsCustom Unity designsCustom duchess design
Top to bottom:
Jewel Wedding stationery colour variations; Unity Wedding Stationery colour variations; Duchess Wedding Invitation style variation.
Photography credit for free standing menu and favour boxes with custom black ribbon in Jewel design:
Tania Savage Photography.

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When sending out wedding invitations, it is of course essential to include means and date of RSVP. Reply options may include a postcard response or an enveloped response. Some choose to omit the RSVP card altogether, providing an email address, telephone or postal address within the invitation itself and leaving it up to the guest to reply as they choose.

Although this may be the cheaper option, keep in mind, a formal event such as a wedding should include a separate RSVP card. Returned RSVP cards allow for all guest responses to be easily accessible and compiled within the one source. Leaving the reply method to the guest may mean a variety of people receive the response, including bride and groom or either sets of parents, potentially causing confusion, resulting in lost, incomplete, forgotten or even wrong replies.


An RSVP card should include some fundamental information but can generally be written in many ways. The date of reply, guest names, attending or declining options, and dietary requirements are essential components to include regardless of the style or presentation. Another item you may wish to track includes total number of attending guests so there are no surprises on the day.

In determining when to set the RSVP date, consult both your reception venue regarding the date by which they require final numbers and secondly, ensure your stationery supplier has sufficient time to prepare any personalised items such as place cards. Remember also that no matter how easy you make it for guests to reply, you always need to chase up at least a few responses so give yourself plenty of time to compile a finalised guest list.

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Save the Date cards have become increasingly popular in recent times. Their primary objective is to announce the date and location of your wedding, to ensure guests keep that date free from other commitments on their calendars. They are especially useful for out-of-town guests who have to arrange travel and accommodation in order to attend.

Save the date cards are normally sent out six months before the wedding with the invitations following around 8 weeks prior to the big day. They are not a substitute for a wedding invitation. Everyone who receives a Save the Date card, should by etiquette receive a wedding invitation. When planning your invitations, you may of course increase the size of the guest list and are not limited by the number of save the date cards posted.

The style of save the date card may be designed to compliment the rest of your stationery to follow, or it can capture your imagination and personalities and be far less formal.
Save the DateWe create many save the date cards to match our invitation range or to custom specifications. For more information, please Contact Us.

Image Source: The Posh Event

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A completed guest book can be a priceless wedding day memento. In order to make it special and avoid it becoming a dust collector, there are several things you should do:
Wedding Guest BookMake sure everyone signs it. A guest book sitting in the corner of the reception on a pretty hall stand or occasional table, won’t necessarily be seen by all your guests and those that do see it, won’t always contribute. So, appoint someone you trust the task of ensuring all guests make an entry. They can simply ask guests to pen their message as they enter, or circulate the book during the course of the evening.

Make it personal. One hundred entries reading “Congratulations on your wedding” is neither interesting to read or look back upon. Suggest your guests include a message, marriage tips, special memory or even provide a sentimental memento such as a plane ticket, song score, photograph, letter etc. You may need to advise guests if you wish to collect such items with a note to accompany the invitation, or by word of mouth at the functions leading up to the wedding, so they come prepared.

Allow your guests the writing space to add their comments. Make sure your guest book has sufficient pages and space for people to write their messages. Some guests will be brief, but others may want to share a memory that requires a full page. Consider the size of your wedding and perhaps provide more than one book if numbers are high.Black Tie Wedding Guest BooksAlthough it seems like just another detail on an already busy day, the wedding guest book can provide years of priceless memories and become a special heirloom. So, give it some thought when planning your stationery.

We can custom design guest books to compliment your stationery or your reception decor. The above examples perfectly accompany our Jewel and Bride and Plume Wedding Invitations.

Contact Us for details.

Open guest book by candle light photograph by Junshien Photography | Closed ivory guest books by Black Tie Wedding Invitations.

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Speeches are a traditional and loved component of a wedding reception, usually following the dinner service. They give guests an insight into the lives of the newly-weds as well as giving hosts an opportunity to thank their guests for their good wishes, gifts and attendance. Wedding SpeechesCultural differences and contemporary approaches to speeches will vary the sequence, but the traditional order is as follows:

  • Toast to the Bride & Groom by a relative or close friend
  • Response from the Groom
  • Response by Best Man
  • Toast to Bride´s Parents by a relative or close friend
  • Response by the Father of the bride
  • Toast to the Groom´s Parents by a relative or close friend
  • Response by Father of the groom
  • Reading of messages from absent friends.

Traditionally, the fathers of the bride and groom propose a toast to the newly-weds, welcoming their new son-in-law or daughter-in-law to the family and thanking those involved with the wedding preparations. These days, it is not uncommon for the mother of the bride or groom to speak in place of or in addition to the father.

The best man speaks on behalf of the bridal party, sharing stories about the groom. There is a general expectation for his speech to be humorous. Often the matron of honour will contribute to speeches also.

The groom will toast the bridal party, thank both sets of parents for their life long contribution to the well-being of himself and his new wife, thank his bride, and give general thanks to all in attendance. It is not unusual for the bride to speak with or in addition to her new husband.

Speeches should include a good balance of humour, recollection, thanks and genuine emotion. Keeping speeches short and sincere is the key to making them both memorable and well received.

Photograph from Sakura.

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