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Every detail counts when planning your bridal party, their attire and accessories. Even the most gorgeous and tiniest members can make a statement.

Diamante Booties

Are these not the most beautiful wedding booties you’ve ever seen?

Photography: Kristen Weaver

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Add a little fun and entertain guests at your wedding reception with quirky facts about him & her, the bride and groom.

We made these cute Things You May Not Know About Him and Things You May Not Know About Her laminated Fact Sheets following a request from a recent client.

We thought this was a wonderful idea and sure to get people talking, laughing and sharing stories about the guests of honour.Him & Her Signs

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Marriage Summary

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It was a pleasant surprise to come across a delightful little girl in the suburbs of Perth, who shares both the name and beauty of one of our finest invitations.

Introducing perhaps not the one and only, but nonetheless unique, Grace Ivory…
Perth's Grace IvoryAnd of course, the other Grace Ivory
Ivory Grace Wedding InvitationThank you to Grace’s mum, Ruth, for introducing us to her beautiful daughter and sharing this lovely coincidence.

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Just when you thought marriage proposals were getting a bit cheesey and unoriginal, comes this. Love the concept and perfect execution!

Let’s hope Lindsay said, “yes”.

Yes Dear

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